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Norfolk Island ... the birds

by Margaret Christian

2005. Green Eyes Publications, Norfolk Island

Coming Soon


A Comparative Atlas of Bird Distribution in the Norfolk Island Group, 1978-2005

by Margaret Christian, Peter Coyne, Richard Holdaway, John Smith

Available mid-2010, published by the Fauna & Flora Society of Norfolk Island

Cover and sample maps...

Cover of Norfolk Island survey report









Secondhand Books

New Zealand Bird PortraitsNew Zealand bird portraits cover

by M. F. Soper

1963   Whitcombe & Tombs


A pioneer work in New Zealand bird photography. Includes many original observations on the ecology and behaviour of species such as the bittern whose breeding is still little-known in New Zealand, and others, including the rock wren and yellowhead, which have declined significantly since the 1960s




More NZ bird portraits cover

More New Zealand Bird Portraits

by M. F. Soper

1965   Whitcombe & Tombs


A second collection, including marine birds

In Search of Birds in New Zealand: How and Where to Find Them

In search of birds in
 NZ cover

by Ross McKenzie

1972  A.H. & A.W. Reed


A compilation by one of New Zealand's best-known and active amateur ornithologists. This is not only a much-sought-after guide, but also an archive of important sites, many of which no longer exist

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